Packaging Supplies


Conventional and Custom Packaging Solutions

Ready to ship your goods yourself but need custom or specialty packaging supplies? We can put together a solution for you to keep your shipments secure, intact, and on time. From crates and boxes to vapor barrier films and desiccants, contact us for all of your packaging supplies.

Boxes, Crates, and Components

You need boxes, pallets, and the wooden skids to keep your shipment above the warehouse floor. We stock all three in common sizes. But sometimes, you need a custom solution. We can design custom packaging for you and supply you with the other components you’ll need to get your shipment on its way.










Films & Foils

Films and foils secure and protect your goods during shipment. They provide shock protection, bump protection, and prevent your shipment from being exposed to moisture. We carry films and foils to round out any packaging needs you have.

Stretch Film

Shrink Film

Thermoforming Film

Vapor Barrier Foil

Anti-Corrosion Foil

Aluminum Film

Specialty Packaging Materials

Not all shipments are straightforward. Some require extra care before they leave your facility. From corrosion protection to desiccants to absorb moisture, we stock the specialty packaging materials you need to complete your shipments.

VCI Corrosion Protection

Milspec Bags, Material, Foil, and Craf

Desiccant Moisture-Absorbing Materials

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