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Zerust® Corrosion Solutions

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Vapor corrosion inhibitors (also known as VCI) are substances that slowly release a corrosion preventative compound into a sealed air space, effectively protecting exposed metal surfaces. VCIs are often used in situations where it is impractical or undesired to use rust preventative liquids or other surface treatments
Zerust® offers a full line of corrosion inhibiting VCI poly film, bags, VCI kraft paper, and VCI diffusers. Zerust® also has rust removal and rust preventative coatings. For more than 40 years, Zerust®/Excor® has lead the market in quality corrosion solution products, and is committed to providing expert corrosion management advice to our customers. Zerust® users have access to on-site support from Zerust® representatives in more than 70 countries. Our customers have peace of mind when they choose Zerust for corrosion control management.
ICT® VCI Film, Sheets and Bags
ICT® VCI Paper Rolls and Sheets
VCI Diffusers and Emitters
Rust Preventatives, Rust Removers and Cleaners
Zerust® VCI Film and Bags

• Flat Bags, Gusset Bags, Zipper Bags, and Auto Bags
• Sheeting, Tubing, Sleeves, and Tote Covers
• Heat Shrink, Skin Packaging, Cold Seal and Stretch Film
• High Strength, UVI, Outdoor, and Anti-Static Films
• Scrim and Foam Sheeting
• Custom Sizes, Colors and Printing Available

    Zerust® VCI Kraft Paper

    • Stocked 30#, 35#, 40#, and 60# Kraft Paper
    • Poly Laminated and Poly Coated Reinforced Kraft Paper
    • Creped Kraft Paper and High-Load VCI Paper
    • Special Order up to #170 Weight
    • Custom Sizes, Weights and Printing Available

      Zerust® VCI Diffusers

      • VCI Vapor Capsules
      • ActivPak® Fast-Acting VCI Packets
      • ActivCapsule™ and ActivTab™(LS) Flash-Corrosion Inhibitors
      • Pipe Strips, Tube Strips, Plastabs®, and Foam Pads
      • ActivPowder™ Flash Corrosion Inhibitor Powder

        Zerust® RP Coatings, Rust Removers, and Cleaners

        • VCI Oils, Rust Preventative Greases, Oil-, Solvent-, Wax-,
        Water- and Bio-Based
        • Spray-On, Brush-On and Dip Application Options
        • High-Pressure Wash Cleaners and Water Conditioners
        • Rust Removers for Light, Medium and Heavy Corrosion

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