3 Key Look-Fors When Choosing Packing and Crating Companies in Minnesota

When it comes to protecting your business capital and investments, choosing the right packing/crating company in Minnesota could be the difference between a successful shipment and an absolute disaster. That’s why it pays to spend some time looking into your shipping service options before making a final decision. You should look at websites, ask around with family and friends, and read online reviews to get an initial list of potential businesses to work with, then narrow down your list from there. 

Of course, finding the exact right team for the job can be challenging, especially if you’ve never worked with a shipping and crating company before. We can help! Here are three key look-for when choosing packing companies in Minnesota:

Quality Materials 

A quality shipping experience requires quality materials. Subpar, shoddy crates aren’t going to provide nearly as much protection as expertly-chosen and well-utilized skids, boxes, containers, and protective wrapping. The packing and crating company you choose should be able to walk you through a range of options with finesse and expertise, pinpointing exactly the right design and materials needed to get your investment delivered safely. 

Convenience and Customer Care

Don’t waste time going to multiple companies for packing and shipping when it’s possible to get it all in one place. Total Export, Inc. creates custom solutions for items that are too big, too heavy, too delicate, or too hazardous for you to handle yourself. We’ll put together the required paperwork, design, and build a custom solution that may include crates, skids, boxes, corrosion, or the shock protection your shipment needs. Since we’re in a drop-free zone just steps from the Northeast Minneapolis rail yard, getting your shipment on its way won’t cost you any extra.


There’s nothing wrong with giving newbies a shot for your more general packing and shipping needs. But when it comes to particularly delicate, hazardous, or heavy items, you’re going to want to work with the pros. Not only do we have the experience and materials to get your items safely to their destination, but we also pay very close attention to dimensions and weight to help minimize shipping costs. Don’t pay extra for space you don’t need on trucks, ships, and cargo planes!

Why risk damage, dropping, and environmental dangers when Total Export, Inc. could handle all your shipping needs, from initial measurements to final delivery? Reach out for any questions you have about domestic and export packing and crating. We’re happy to help!

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