Tips for Choosing Wooden Shipping Crates.

Wooden shipping crates

Just about every industry has a need for wooden shipping crates, but the options can be
overwhelming. The range of materials, protective supplies, and sizes is huge. Then, once you’ve
made those decisions, you have to find a wooden shipping crates supplier that offers everything
you’re looking for at a price that’s within your budget.
To help you get started, we put together a handy guide for choosing the right wooden shipping crates
for your items.

Pre-Built or Custom?

Pre-built crates can be tempting, but they often aren’t optimized to your product. That means you’re
risking damage and unnecessary floor space fees, which can quickly turn your choice of a relatively
inexpensive crate into a much more costly one.
On the other hand, custom crates can be designed with specific dimensions and safety features that
are made for the specific item you’re shipping. Better yet, you don’t have to let a company pack your
crate to get the customization. At Total Export, Inc., we can provide custom wooden shipping crate
kits complete with everything you need to properly pack up your items.

Materials and Components

There’s a lot that goes into keeping your shipment above the warehouse floor, including boxes, pallets, and
wooden skids. Buying all of those materials separately can be a huge drain on time, money, and resources. A
better option would be finding a supplier who can provide both custom crates and all of the other elements
you’ll need to pack your equipment up correctly. We can design custom packaging for you, along with the other
components you’ll need to get your shipment on its way. That includes:
● Boxes
● Crates
● Pallets
● Skids
● Cardboard
● Foam
● Ramps
● Hinges
● Latches

Safety and Protection

Films, foils, desiccants, and corrosion protection… All or some of these are necessary to secure and
protect your goods during shipment. They provide shock protection, bump protections, and protect
your shipment from moisture. And that’s just for standard products. In some cases, extra care is
required before a package can leave your facility. Along with our wooden shipping crates, we can
provide all the packaging supplies you’ll need:
● Stretch film
● Shrink film
● Thermoforming film
● Vaporbarrier foil
● Anti-corrosion foil
● Aluminum foil
● Zerust Corrosion Protection
● Milspec bags, material, foil, and craf
● Desiccant moisture-absorbing materials
If you’re ready to ship your goods yourself, your best bet is custom or specialty packaging supplies.
At Total Export, Inc., we have everything you need to get started shipping without the hassle of
multiple vendors, extra floor space fees due to standard crate sizing, or worrying about whether your
shipment will arrive undamaged. Let us use our decades of expertise to help you make the right call
for all of your cargo.

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