Basic Nailess Solution Now Available

What is BNS?

The Basic Nailess Solution (BNS) is a sturdy, long lasting packing option made of metal and plywood. This combination of materials produces a light and exceptionally strong box for your shipping and packaging needs. Premium materials used in the crate’s construction ensure durability. Birch plywood keeps the paneling lightweight without compromising integrity. Steel chamfered edges offer superior safety during handling. Galvanized metal corners, lid band, and joint fasteners provide the strength of a standard cleated plywood crate.

Key Features

  • Ease of assembly and dismantling without special tools
  • Collapsible walls provide overall reduction of shipping, storage, and handling costs
  • Reducing labor while increasing onsite production space generate maximum customer value
  • Reduced weight and transportation costs
  • No banding, nailing, stapling or adhesives required for repeated uses
  • UN-certified available and all crates are ISPM-15 certified

Total Export and BNS

Total Export will continue our regular custom crating services and will now offer BNS as a low-cost alternative for our customers. Let Total Export help you get the same protection for your products as you would have with conventional crates for less money. Additionally, the BNS crates take 60% less time to assemble versus a custom crate meaning less labor costs. The crates are also lighter, 30% less tare weight, so transportation is cheaper.

Ask us how you can leverage BNS crates for your next shipment at +1-612-788-9777 ext. 4 or email  

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