Custom Crating: The Safer Way to Ship

Whether it’s a rare, antique clock or a large, but delicate piece of industrial equipment, there are just some shipments where a standard pallet won’t work. When it comes to shipping your freight, there’s nothing that can provide the protection and sizing you need better than custom crating. With our custom crating service, you can ship just about anything with the peace of mind that your item will arrive safely. 

So, what exactly makes this service your best choice for fragile, oversized, or irregularly-shaped items? It comes down to time, safety, and storage optimization. 


You want to protect your freight, but it’s a big job. Between measuring, building, and finally packing, there’s a big list of tasks you’ll need to cover to ensure you’ve done the job right. Instead of worrying about doing your own custom crating, let the team of professionals at Total Export Inc. take care of your cargo. We have the materials and expertise to get the job done right, and in a timely manner. That means less stress for you, and more confidence that your shipment will arrive safely. 


Transocean cargo ships move quickly, through choppy seas, rough weather, and anything else Mother Nature has to throw at it. Custom crating ensures that your shipment arrives in the same condition it was in when it left your warehouse. We offer a comprehensive range of safety package options, including heat shrink, vapor barrier bags, specialty compression foam, and floating deck shock mounts. When we are packing your freight, we’ll use our expertise to choose the right materials in the right configuration to ensure its safe arrival. 

Storage Optimization

Warehouse space is precious, especially if your equipment is stored uncrated. Additionally, with shipping priced according to the size of your cargo, your packaging needs to be as close to the actual dimensions of your equipment as possible. With custom crating, we can turn your irregularly shaped equipment into easily storable, stackable space-savers. Our packaging professionals pay close attention to the dimensions and weight of your equipment to protect your shipment while minimizing transportation costs. 

At Total Export Inc., we’ve spent decades learning the ins and outs of the export and packaging industry. Our crew has seen just about every item you can imagine shipping, and we’re happy to help you ensure its safety on the journey. We pride ourselves on providing outstanding work at a fair price, and we’re dedicated to doing the right thing for each of our customers. Give us a call or stop by our website to request a quote, and let Total Export Inc. take care of your project.

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