On-Site or Off-Site, Crating Services Offer Shipping

Whatever industry you work in, it’s important that everything that leaves your warehouse arrives safely at its final destination. But before it gets there, your cargo can take a beating. It has to contend with bad weather, moisture, shock from loading and unloading, and countless other bumps in the road, both literal and figurative.

Custom Crating Services Wherever You Are.

Crating services are a necessary step in getting your freight from Point A to Point B, without worrying about whether or not it will arrive without damage.

That’s why Total Export Inc. offers both on-site and off-site crating. We know that some shipments are too awkward or delicate to move without the protection that a crating service offers. Instead, our team will come to you. You get the same incredible service that you would in-house, without the time and stress of moving your cargo out of your warehouse and into ours.

Whichever option you choose, it starts with a consultation. During that time, we’ll turn an expert eye to your cargo, taking into consideration the dimensions and weight, as well as the route it’s going to travel. From there, we’ll design a custom crate that will provide protection, optimize your shipping space, and check off all the boxes regarding shipping regulations.

After your consultation, we’ll get to work creating crating solutions that meet your exact specifications. On packing day, you’ll either bring your shipment to us, or we’ll arrive at your facility with a dedicated team and all the materials necessary to pack your cargo correctly. Then, we’ll get to work building, ensuring that your items are immobile within their crate to prevent damage.

When the job’s done, we also offer transloading services. We can package, palletize, weight, document, load the container, and prepare your bills of lading. From packaging to arrival, Total Export Inc. keeps your shipments moving.

Your shipments are an investment, and those investments need to be protected. The best way to provide that protection is by ensuring that no item or equipment leaves your site without the proper packaging. Total Export creates custom solutions for items that are too big, too heavy, too delicate, or too hazardous. Our team will work to put together the proper paperwork, design, and build the right crating solution at the right price.

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